Sustainability-Driven Innovation and Creativity: A Winning Combination!

Apr 13, 2023

At Uniguest, we pride ourselves on our corporate social responsibility program ensuring it’s given the profile within our organization that it deserves, and it needs.

We take measures to minimize any detrimental impact of the work we do, recognizing our role in helping protect and improve our world encompassing several global initiatives. This includes tree planting in both the Umpqua National Forest, USA and Mersey Forest, UK to help offset any negative environmental impact from our business.

We also offer employees support with any voluntary programmes they want to participate in or contribute towards, and provide financial initiatives to support the continued education of our team members.

To help reduce any CO2 impact by our employees, we operate a ‘virtual first’ approach to meetings and the workplace, avoiding any unnecessary travel while maintaining business effectiveness. When we do travel and meet contacts at events or exhibitions, we avoid disposable or single use ‘give-aways’ or printed brochures, and we also limit the provision of branded apparel for staff as these items can be poor quality and unethically manufactured.

Within our manufacturing and logistics areas, Uniguest will choose land/sea-freight over air to reduce carbon emissions, and use recycled materials in packaging wherever possible, including recyclable packaging wrap. We pride ourselves on responsibly-sourcing components and materials for our hardware and offer repair services for existing hardware in-line with international directives.

Where we need to dispose of electrical waste, we operate under the relevant international regulations for its correct disposal. Not only do we arrange regular collections of hardware for recycling, we utilize local facilities to dispose of recyclable waste from our warehouse and office locations.

Our responsibilities also extend to our software, and we offer screen control in our solutions to ensure displays can be switched on/off whenever needed from a central location. Many customers will deploy our solutions as they have mandates to reduce printing and paper wastage and Uniguest products can help achieve those objectives.

With the support of our team and fostering innovation through encouraging everyone at Uniguest to think creatively about our products, services, and operations, we are working hard to ensure we build a sustainable business that doesn’t cost the Earth!

To find out more about Uniguest’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy, click here.