Venues & Arenas.

Every venue has unique needs, multiple stakeholders, and a desire to create amazing experiences for its fans and ticket holders. With Uniguest venues across the globe are delivering engagement that enriches ticket holders’ experience and maximizes ROI potential.

Some of the venues and arena we are proud to partner with…

Climate Pledge Arena
Milano Convention Center
English National Opera
UBS Arena New York
ICC Wales

Delivering unique experiences for every venue or arena

Uniguest’s Digital Engagement Platform enables venues to support multiple teams, an ever-changing line up of events and internal communications needs through its IPTV, Digital Signage, Digital Menu Board, and Interactive Wayfinding technologies. Whoever the visitor is, whatever the event is they are watching, our platform helps create a personalized experience that engages and captivates.


Our solutions help connect staff to the venue, supplying key information and updates in an engaging and visual way.


Our solutions help operations teams quickly and easily deliver a unique experience for each set of fans that walk into the venue – supplying them the information they need and the entertainment they want.


Make every visitor feel at home through wayfinding, personalized messaging and instant rebranding of an entire venue at the touch of a button.

Unlock greater engagement, create deeper connections

Uniguest technology is deployed across the globe in arenas and venues of all shapes and sizes, delivering connected media where it is needed, when it is needed. Whether it’s our enterprise grade IPTV and Digital Signage platform or Cloud-based digital media solution we have a solution to suit any venue, any budget and any requirement.

  • Improve fan experience and enhance fan engagement
  • Create simplified management and operations of on-site media
  • Generate ROI via upsell, cross sell and advertising
  • Create a cross-brand, interchangeable multi-purpose arena or venue technology platform

We have created a solution that has enabled venues and arenas across the globe to create a unique experience for its visitors whilst centralizing control of media assets, communications and marketing campaigns.