New kids on the Strip, Resorts World Las Vegas wows with stunning dynamic digital signage powered by Tripleplay.

Resorts World Las Vegas is the first integrated resort to be built on the Las Vegas Strip in over a decade and includes a 117,000 sq. ft casino and 59-story tower housing three hotel brands. It brings an elevated experience for which the Resorts World brand is known to the modern traveller seeking luxury, value, and variety.

With this ethos at its core, installing a state-of-the-art AV solution to wow and delight audiences was non-negotiable and the reason why an enterprise level scalable digital signage and IPTV software platform was essential for content delivery and management.

After a robust evaluation process, choosing the Tripleplay platform was an obvious choice given its considerable track record and reputation in delivering enterprise level large scale deployments.

Transforming every building into a digital canvas

Dynamic and exciting content is shown across multiple end points throughout the resort including three exterior LED screens which dominate the West Tower, East Tower and Zouk nightclub facades with content synced across all three, as well as on the 50 ft globe in The District, the resort’s retail, dining, and entertainment promenade.

Additionally, 5,200 displays and LEDs screens have been installed throughout the resort including across the casino floor where digital signage is used to advertise
events, shopping, shows and current promotions. A ‘Jackpot’ digital signage integration automatically shows Jackpot C
elebration content when the slot machine comes up with a win. Gameplay statuses at tables including recent winners and Bad Beat winners can also be broadcast across site.

Richard Perks, Director of AV Infrastructure Resorts World Las Vegas, highlighted the value of their visual technology deployment, “Digital signage is probably the number one way that a property such as ours can capture guest attention and steer them to our wide range of offerings.”

By leveraging Tripleplay’s platform, content can be switched via a single touch of a button to feature casino guests, moments of exclusivity or sponsor promotions across selected displays. Events can be live streamed to these screens, or they can be used for ad hoc promotions.

Extensive back-end reporting provides proof of play metrics, enabling ROI measurement for third party sponsors and promotions, in turn helping to secure additional revenue streams.

Perks reinforced this adding, “The extensive reporting benefits not only Resorts World Las Vegas but also our clients that are paying for the advertising. They’re getting a clear return on investment as guests see their ads, and it drives business to them.”

Within the food and beverage areas, digital menu boards in restaurant concessions integrate with the onsite EPOS system, so pricing and item availability is updated in real- time making it easy to switch pricing structures for different events. Time triggers can also be employed to display when alcohol sales are permitted or automatically display a sold- out logo if needed.

Patrons are kept informed via a variety of useful or engaging content, encouraging, and enticing patrons to enjoy a longer stay at the resort.

The resort also benefits from an extensive conferencing facility which enjoys feature signage with 86” column signs along hallways and public areas showing promotional content and content designed to create ambiance for delegates and guests.

Furthermore, conferencing schedules are displayed on TVs outside event spaces and on large video boards so delegates can locate the correct rooms for their meetings or events, reducing reliance on staff resources to guide and direct delegates.

With the resort covering a vast area, signage is also used for directional wayfinding to ensure patrons can easily navigate the property.

The use of signage displays even extends to the back-of-house areas where the HR team push dynamic content including resort updates, employee information, lunch menus, and safety messaging. This keeps back-office staff better informed helping to increase loyalty and all-important retention.

Furthermore, with a plethora of information available on displays throughout the resort for patrons, there is less reliance on staff to provide information to visitors, freeing up their valuable resources and reducing costs.

Perks explained the value of the solution commenting, “Our digital signage platform really helps steer our guests towards the offerings that we have – whether that’s food and beverage, events or shows – helping them to maximise the time they spend with us. To ensure we reach as many of our guests as we can, we’ve deployed the platform in almost every corner of the resort – even in the elevators.”

Powerful technology delivers powerful results

To deliver dynamic content synchronized across the three large LEDs on the exterior of the resort and the interior globe, Resorts World Las Vegas has deployed Tripleplay’s frame synchronization feature to give a seamless visual experience.

External displays are the jewel in the crown for the resort and they are used to profound effect, with visually engaging content lined up to create a unique look and feel. This content includes landscapes, oceans with light-emitting creatures, a cityscape, a feline-led psychedelic space trip, a surreal dance stage or a gleaming emerald jungle.

For live events, IPTV is used to stream camera feeds from the entertainment in the pool area for example, to one or all the exterior screens using the Tripleplay Low Latency Encoder, which can achieve latencies as low as 98ms glass-to-glass. This helps deliver an incredible visual experience, and one which is visible along the Las Vegas Strip.

Furthermore, the event trigger feature can be used to take-over the screens within seconds offering the ability to advertise quick promotions, important alerts or warnings, or other ad hoc broadcasts.

An AV eco-system partner

Perks added, “We’ve also been able to integrate our digital signage into our other systems, so our digital signage system is a part of a larger AV ecosystem making it easy to control and manage.”

The platform itself is seamlessly managed from a single easy to use permissions-based CMS. Resorts World Las Vegas also has peace of mind, with 24/7/365 support so in the event of any service interruption, issues can be quickly identified and resolved.

Perks concluded saying, “Our digital signage platform is an enormous messaging tool that without it you would have a very hard time selling and upselling your property. Supported by a fantastic vendor partnership, this product has been stellar for us.”