The unified video platform

Powerfully simple and secure, eStream provides education and enterprise organizations with a sophisticated enterprise video, digital asset management and delivery solution, where media can easily be stored, created, managed, and delivered to employees, learners, and clients with ease.


One central platform for all your media management and delivery needs

eStream is a versatile video platform that supports all facets of digital media use, from synchronous to asynchronous video delivery, analytics, and compliance tracking, or teaching and learning. Features are broken down to provide a flexible modular platform, enabling you to build a solution that fits your requirements. Feature modules can be added anytime, providing a cost-effective solution to grow with your ongoing digital media provision.


Media Library and Video on Demand (VOD)

Securely manage digital resources and deliver engaging video-based content using built-in editing tools or create interactive videos with quiz-style questions.

Lecture Capture

Live Streaming, Lecture and Room Capture

Simple, centralized and scalable IP-based live streaming and recording for lectures, room activity and more.


Photo and Image

Dedicated image management tools for complete digital asset management.


Digital Signage

Professional digital signage is made easy with streamlined design and management tools.


TV & Radio Resource

Record the latest TV and radio programmes from over 80 TV, radio, and satellite channels, plus unrivalled access to an archive of world-class broadcast content.



Our hybrid cloud edge computing platform utilizes both cloud and secure on-premises storage to power media-focused workloads.

Single platform video and media distribution solution

eStream is designed to manage video and media across an entire organization. Whether it’s live streams, recorded content or media and you need it delivering to TV screens, websites, mobile devices or laptops our CMS will provide a single, centralized management interface.

eStream CMS Diagram


Our integrations allow the secure delivery of resources to your key platforms and communications tools.

Flexible deployment options

Depending on the solution you adopt we can deploy either fully cloud or as a hybrid solution, offering you the option to manage your platform in the way most suitable way for your organization.  


Deliver content management and user portals via our cloud interface, streaming video across the internet, securely using our eCDN.


On-Premise Deployment

Prefer to keep your network local? eStream can be deployed on-premise for enhanced security and local control.

Hybrid Cloud

We recognize that for some services it’s necessary to have on-premise hardware and technology; our infrastructure allows for that, giving full cloud management for all services and hardware.