Hyatt Regency Seattle incorporates local culture into guest experience.

Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Hyatt Regency opened its doors in December 2018 as the largest hotel in the Pacific Northwest. As one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations, Seattle is also one of the largest growing tech hubs – with much of its growth credited to powerhouse technology companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook – and has a reputation for being an environmental leader worldwide.

When Hyatt Regency moved into the downtown Seattle area, it was important for the hotel to be consistent with the culture of technology and sustainability, while contributing to the city’s rising success.

With spacious conference facilities and guest rooms, the hotel staff also needed an effective solution to help guests feel informed and provide event organizers with solutions to promote their meeting information. The management team recognized their need for digital signage to help guests navigate the large facility, while also reflecting Seattle’s tech-savvy and sustainable culture. 

Seattle Culture meets Hotel Conference Space

With 1,260 sleeping rooms and over 103,000 square feet of venue space – including four ballrooms and 46 meeting rooms – it’s the key to Seattle’s growing convention and conference business. The Hyatt Regency team turned to JANUS (by Uniguest) to provide first-class support and solutions.

JANUS customized video walls, interactive directories, touchscreensmeeting room boards, and more in the conference spaces and hotel common areas.

In addition to the latest software and hardware, each display was equipped with content graphics to match the Hyatt Regency brand and take the guest experience to the next level. In lieu of frames, the displays were recessed into the hotel walls – giving the design a sophisticated feel.

To help with ongoing signage management, the hotel opted to bring in a JANUS Displays trainer onsite, who taught the administrator how to create, schedule, and adjust content, long after the installation was complete.

The Seattle Hyatt Regency was able to measure their return on investment quickly with their updated digital signage, improved visibility into onsite amenities for guests, and cost savings.

Seamless Communication Leads to Revenue Growth

Conference communication. Conference and meeting communication was made simpler for hosts with JANUS by Uniguest meeting room technology. Whether the screens are large or small, the Hyatt Regency team has what they need to stay agile with quick schedule adjustments or distributing conference announcements.

Advertising space. The Hyatt Regency also uses signage to promote onsite amenities, including the hotel’s restaurants, boutique bar, and 24-hour market, which features digital menu boards that change based on the time of day and offerings. Visitors can find everything they need – from navigating the property and meeting information, to viewing the local weather, and offsite amenities.

Reduced cost. The solution also saves the hotel staff time and resources and extends the tech-savvy culture of Seattle. It’s even more sustainable, helping to cut costs, reduce paper, and conserve energy, as an alternative to meeting room door cards and directional signs.

As the Hyatt Regency Seattle continues to attract more guests and conference bids, the staff is excited about the return on investment digital signage can offer the hotel and its guests. With advertisers beginning to use the digital space as well, the opportunities are abundant, and the Hyatt Regency has peace of mind knowing they have the Uniguest team of professionals behind their system to help with whatever they need.

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