Patrick Air Force Base digitally enhances tour experience.

Located between Satellite Beach and Cocoa Beach in Brevard County, Florida, Patrick Air Force Base is a United States Air Force station that’s home to the 45th Space Wing, controlling and operating rocket and satellite launches for the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The Patrick Air Force Base Operations Center conducts tours with groups varying from local schools and Boys Scout troops to U.S. congressional representatives, senators, generals, and even foreign leaders.

With NASA and NOAA launches occurring periodically throughout the year the team and tour officer used posters to highlight what happens during operations. Their process was inefficient and outdated, so they sought a new solution to improve the Base tour experience. Tour efficiency quickly became a priority, since updating and assembling posters was taking up too much time and energy.

Expanding an existing relationship

The crew engaged Uniguest to enhance their guest tour experience through digital signage solutions that met the military’s server and security needs.

Together, they chose varied solutions to present new and engaging tour content. First, the team deployed two digital displays to begin the tour, replacing the 15 printed posters and easels that once lined the halls. These static displays cycled through photos of rocket and satellite launches, events, and more – showcasing Base culture and operations. Throughout the facility,  touch screens were installed for the tour officer to play videos, while also giving visitors self-service access to information.

The hardware and software also met the highest priority, military security standards.

Patrick Air Force Base was able to save time while also providing more informative and engaging tours with their implementation of Uniguest technology.

Intriguing tour signage. The tour officer, visiting groups, and Base crew all benefit from the new displays. The team no longer has to manually update, assemble, and dissemble posters for each tour group.

Informative and engaging tours. The tour officer can also switch out information with ease, and the content is more informative and engaging for tours. Groups now have the next best thing to a rocket or satellite launch, since they watch videos of a launch instead of simply hearing an explanation or seeing a photo.

Improved time management. Overall, Patrick Air Force Base provides their crew and tour groups a better experience through digital signage, giving them more time to focus on the things that matter.

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