Uniguest’s Journey Through Senior Living Events in 2023

Dec 19, 2023

The senior living team at Uniguest undertook an exhilarating journey throughout 2023, attending a series of events that shed light on new trends in resident engagement and community connectivity.

Digital Healthcare Infrastructure Showcase 2023

Kicking off a moving year, we found ourselves in Toronto, Canada amidst the innovative discussions and collaborative spirits at the third annual Digital Healthcare Infrastructure Showcase. The spotlight was on building a sustainable and integrated digital healthcare infrastructure focusing on Access, Experience, and Outcomes. Uniguest showcased its expertise in fostering engagement through digital signage, Community Apps, and voice assistant integration, all aimed at enhancing the quality of life for seniors.

Sinceri Conference: Enriching Lives, Treating Families

The Sinceri Senior Living goals perfectly aligned with our vision at Uniguest. We resonated deeply with their commitment to enriching the lives of seniors and treating them just like family. While in Portland, as advocates for compassionate care and connectedness, we shared insights into our legacy-backed approach, highlighting our diverse product lineup, from resident TV to Community Apps, aimed at elevating the senior living experience.

SMASH – Elevating Senior Care Marketing & Sales

At SMASH, the buzz of revenue growth and competitive adaptation filled the air. Uniguest’s presence in Las Vegas offered a spectrum of solutions, emphasizing our commitment to driving engagement and revenue through innovative products like digital signage, community apps, and robust reporting tools designed to meet the diverse needs of experts, beginners, and executives alike.

ICAA Evolution: Transforming the Active-Aging Industry

The evolution of the ICAA Conference and Expo in California was a next-level experience. Uniguest unveiled its innovative lineup, demonstrating how technologies like voice assistants, digital signage, and wireless headphones seamlessly integrate into the active-aging landscape, paving the way for experiential interactions and futuristic engagement possibilities.

LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo 2023: Empowering Resident Engagement

At the LeadingAge Annual Meeting in Chicago, we let our excitement ring out about the suite of products we offer to support resident engagement. In addition to sharing more information about resident TV, community apps, and other solutions, we had the opportunity to learn from dedicated senior living professionals.

As we reflect on our time at these incredible events, Uniguest remains committed to revolutionizing senior living by empowering communities with transformative technology and fostering a culture of connection, engagement, and enriched experiences.