Improve Your Mental Health During Covid-19

Nov 24, 2020


5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health During COVID-19

A majority of the world has been forced to protect their physical health over their mental health due to COVID-19 and the restrictions it’s placed on us. It has been hard to stay away from our friends and family, even our coworkers and classmates. Sometimes it can feel nearly impossible to climb out of the dark hole the world has placed us in, but keep your head up! This won’t be forever. Here are a few things you can do to keep your mental health in check.

#1: Call a loved one

Although not being able to see our friends and family in person has been a challenge, technology has been a blessing. Ring a loved one and check upon them. Chances are they might be struggling too. Take solace in knowing we are stronger together than apart. Talk about the things you did today or rant about something stressful that happened. Let your loved one vent too. Keep in touch and use each other as support.

#2: Meditate

Find some time to sit quietly and focus on your breathing. There are apps for your phone specifically made for meditation. These apps have options for peaceful sounds, such as water dribbling over rocks or the birds singing in a forest, or even a comforting voice telling you what to do to find your inner peace. People can be quick to scoff at meditation, but if you are looking for a way to lower anxiety and boost your mental health, meditation is the way to go!

#3: Eat a good meal

There is nothing better than eating your favorite meal and sometimes that’s all it takes to get you out of a slump. Eat your favorite dessert you’ve been putting off or have a refreshing glass of lemonade. You can even turn on your favorite show or movie to set the mood and make you comfortable.

#4: Go for a walk

Exercise is a key ingredient to up keeping your mental health and is proven to strengthen memory and cognitive skills. Go for a walk, stretch your muscles, or find something else physical to do for at least 30 minutes. If possible, find a friend to go with you — but remember to social distance and wear a mask! You can even do some mental exercises, like playing a game of chess or reading a book.

#5: Take a hot bath

Heat relaxes the muscles and releases tension. If you have bath salts or bubbles lying around, go all out and throw that in! Put on some music and take the time to relax. Try to let your mind wander and don’t think about the things you need to do for others but rather the things you need to do for yourself. You deserve it, especially after all the time spent trying to keep yourself and those around you healthy.