Sagely TV 2.0 – Engage your residents like never before

Jan 30, 2020

Do you ever wish you had a more efficient way to promote your activities and events?


Do you wonder how you could connect and share the important information with your residents in a more engaging way?

Sagely TV is designed to help you communicate, promote engagement and increase resident participation.

We are delighted to provide one more way for your customers to connect, communicate, and inform the Seniors they serve. Sagely TV 2.0 is another important step in fulfilling our mission, and we are thrilled that the Sagely ‘ohana loves it as much as we do.

Hollie Kemp

EVP, Sagely

Discover 3 ways to use Sagely TV 2.0 to engage your community:

1. Your calendar, birthdays, and other meaningful events are easily streamed to TV’s across your community.

Sagely TV automatically pulls content from your calendars and residents profile making it easy to promote your activity program!

  • Share calendars
  • Highlight special activities
  • Display meaningful events

You can feel at peace knowing your residents can consistently see what is happening in your community.

2. Share engaging content with residents

Sagely TV features weather, embedded videos and other creative features to capture your residents’ attention

  • Display the daily weather forecast
  • Share videos to communicate with your resident in a more interactive way
  • Highlight resident’s birthdays
  • Showcase the daily menu
  • Get creative in ways to engage residents!

Sharing engaging content, promotes residents engagement and participation. Sparking up conversations, increasing participation and attendance has never been that easy. Resident’s love to know about exciting events and participate and engage in meaningful activities!

3. Engage your team as well!

The benefits of Sagely TV can also benefit to your team! Design specific slideshow to display in staff rooms:

  • Share team calendars
  • Highlight upcoming events
  • Share motivational videos and messages
  • Display safety tips and reminder

Get all your team on the same page to care for your residents! Sharing these information can dramatically help team cohesion and efficiency through your community!

The video feature is wonderful; it allows our welcome center to feature fly through community tours, with the current daily content, like calendar events, chef specials, and community announcements.

Sheena Jeffries

Engagement Specialist at Watercrest