Touchtown Launches Activity Management to Transform Senior Living Programming

Nov 20, 2019


Touchtown just announced the release of Activity Management, a new feature of the our Community Apps product that simplifies the activity registration process and improves event attendance. The feature is part of our complete Community Apps package.

Activity Management empowers residents and staff to sign up for activities and manage their registration status independently in real time. The new feature alleviates complicated and paper-driven workflow processes for staff as they manage community programming. For residents, this allows them to RSVP to events, join waitlists, share special requests, and receive reminders or updates for their registered events.

Communities who participated in trials for Activity Management report that the feature is easy to use and are optimistic about the impact it will have on their community. One of the demo communities included Longwood at Oakmont, a Pittsburgh-area Presbyterian SeniorCare Network community. Their resident-led Technology Committee anticipate the feature will be a big asset to their community.

“Trekking to the front desk and flipping through our big book to register for events is not ideal. It’s wonderful to have the option to use the app instead,” said committee member Anne Ducanis. 

Member Karen Heuser added, “And imagine the impact for people who can’t get to the desk quickly. It will be so much easier for them to sign up now that registration is just a click. And, it’s so easy to navigate.”

Empowering communities to take control of programming and processes

According to Touchtown’s Director of Product, Lindsay Evans, “Communities are adding four times more activities than any other content into the Touchtown system. Staff want to make sure activities are successful and positive for residents to nurture engagement, but managing every conflict or special need with the current workflow process makes that near impossible.” 

It’s clear that programming is a major part of community life and daily operations. Activity Management’s features were developed with feedback from both staff and residents alike to enhance programming quality and efficiency. It saves staff time and frustration while improving resident connection with community happenings.  

Activity Management solves this problem by making the sign up and attendance tracking process easier and more accessible for all. Registration happens in real-time and cancellation notices come directly to administrators’ inboxes. Registration for a specific event can also be limited to a certain window or attendee amount so staff can plan more efficiently. Automatic waitlists allow staff to evaluate interest, fill spots that open, and easily promote waitlisted registrants if they decide to open more spots.

Staff can also click-to-call those on registration lists to check in on residents who have yet to arrive to an event.

While Touchtown does deliver on resident engagement through their technology, they’re also great partners in helping us improve processes. This will be a major time saver for our staff and valuable amenity for our residents — without any work needed on our end.

Jolene Moore

Corporate Director of Lifestyles | Vi Living

Resident connection made easy

Activities and events are a central tenet to combat social isolation and loneliness in senior living communities. Residents are more likely to go to an event with a friend, so Activity Management allows them to view the attendee list and join their friends at upcoming programs. Waitlists also give residents a chance to express their interest in an event and stay informed if a space opens up. 

Another part of the beauty of community activities is their natural ability to bring people together around a common interest. Activity Management coupled with Touchtown’s Resident Directory empowers attendees to find each other and forge friendships after they meet at an event.

Keep a pulse on resident interests

As resident interests change, programming will need to follow. Activity Management captures event interest and attendance so communities can make better decisions about what activities to host and what activities are not serving the community. For example, there’s no reason to spend valuable resources on Tuesday morning Tai-Chi class when the data shows that residents are much more interested in bi-weekly Yoga. 

Activity Management gives tangible data for communities to use to keep a pulse on resident interests. Data matched with staff knowledge and feedback from residents means communities can more strategically spend their resources.