Uniguest brings facial recognition to eStream with Amazon Recognition technology 

Nov 15, 2023

London, UK, 16th November 2023: Uniguest, a global leader in digital engagement technology, announces that its video-based learning platform, eStream, now comes complete with facial recognition tools that utilize Amazon’s face recognition API, Amazon Rekognition. 

These cutting-edge tools make it simple for organizations to create an image library from which users can easily search for photos of specific individuals or groups based on their appearance.  

Uniguest helps customers achieve this through a quick import of an initial series of reference images, providing the information that facial recognition needs to match a face with a name; the eStream platform then automatically adds tags to the selected images or image collections.  

Uniguest chief executive officer Matt Goche said, “This release represents a crucial step for our photo management offering. As with all our major new feature releases, our team has focused on ensuring the delivery fits our ethos of making cutting-edge technology simple and easy for our customers. 

He added, “When our team showcased an early development release of these features, the feedback was fantastic, so we’re delighted to be able to deliver these exciting enhancements alongside our recent User Interface revamp.” 

This release forms part of the recent eStream v6.77 release. To discover more about eStream or to discuss upgrade options, please contact your local Uniguest representative, visit www.uniguest.com/estream, or email hello@uniguest.com. 


About Uniguest  

Uniguest is a global leader in providing connected technology solutions to enable those in hospitality, senior living, sports/stadiums, entertainment, retail, education, government, corporate, and enterprise to engage with their audience. Uniguest is highly focused on creating deep client relationships as shown by its most recent NPS (Net Promoter Score) score of 81. Uniguest supplies turnkey technology solutions that include digital signage, IPTV / enterprise video and engagement apps, professional services, system implementation, and 24/7/365 multi-lingual support. www.uniguest.com 

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