Ventana Partners with Touchtown to Streamline Communication with Members and Associates

Jun 1, 2019


Ventana by Buckner, Dallas’ premier high-rise, luxury Life Care community partners with Touchtown, the leading senior living community engagement platform to provide an enhanced level of communication and experience for Ventana residents and associates.

Ventana will implement Touchtown’s Resident Concierge and Staff Communicator solutions to design and publish professional multimedia content throughout their 12-story cutting-edge community and beyond. Hundreds of members and associates will access an unlimited array of information by way of digital-signage, Alexa voice assistants, touchscreen interactive displays, and a dedicated Ventana TV channel and mobile app. With an integrated and synchronized suite of technology, content only needs to be entered once—reducing administrative burden, so associates can spend more time with members.

Keeping Members Out of Higher Levels of Care

Touchtown will enable Ventana to bring wellness initiatives to the forefront, which help extend the length of stay at the community and keep residents out of higher levels of care. Ventana will actively eliminate isolation by connecting members with others in the community who have the same values and interests. Similarly, associates will access screens in the employee lounges and a directory in their own view of the Ventana mobile app to learn more about the life of members. The deeper understanding of members and evolving community amenities enable employees to provide an exceptional level of service and detail.

“Inter-community communication is never quite enough, or it’s never correctly executed. Touchtown is a solution for communication, engagement, and a lasting resident experience that aligns with our mission to provide peace of mind to those moving into a Life Care community,” said Rick Pruett, executive director at Ventana. “Touchtown is the most dynamic communication platform that will enhance the human experience of Ventana members by giving the community choice of how they access media.”

Touchtown is the most dynamic communication platform that will enhance the human experience of Ventana members by giving the community choice of how they access media.

Rick Pruett

Executive Director | Ventana

James Short of Touchtown (left) and Rick Pruett of Ventana (right) after their hardhat tour of the new community.

Christian Kratsas, director of marketing at Touchtown, explains, “Our team is thrilled to be the engine behind community-wide engagement and communication at such a progressive place to live and thrive. Ventana is designing an unforgettable experience that is too good not to share with everyone involved. Their audience of 60-is-the-new-50 expects technology as an extension of their daily living. We are honored to be the partner that empowers them to surpass that expectation.”


Easy-to-Use Community Content Management

The team members at Ventana will utilize Touchtown’s content management system to generate alluring dining menus, entertainment, wellness programming, critical announcements, and more. In addition to fostering a collaborative culture, Ventana looks to Touchtown’s 20 years experience in the senior living industry to advise best practices and share actionable ideas of other leading operators.

“There is nothing more important to us than hospitality and the fact that we made someone feel great and have a wonderful experience. Partnerships and innovation are a big part of the experience and that’s why we chose Touchtown.”