2023 in Review – Across The Universe

Dec 18, 2023


Opening Act

When we started writing this piece The Beatles had just released their last ever song, Now & Then, a retrospective track and one our team loved so much, it inspired us. So, apologies for the puns and shoe-horned song titles and get ready for an exciting adventure as we take a cosmic journey through a remarkable year for Uniguest! We invite you to come aboard our Yellow Submarine, and set sail across our universe, immersing yourself in the essence of our greatest hits, awards, and acquisitions from 2023. Our end-of-year blog is your exclusive Ticket to Ride the highlights that made our year a tremendous success. From outstanding achievements that topped the charts to the addition of our newest Uniguest family members, we truly had a record-breaking year.

Meet the Band

It only feels like Yesterday, but it was back in January when our executive team underwent a little Revolution. Matt Goche, who was previously our Chief Operations Officer, became the new CEO of Uniguest, stepping into Jeff Hiscox’s shoes, as he became the Chairman of Uniguest. At the same time, we welcome Mike Rethage as our new Chief Operations Officer. Mike has a wealth of experience in the senior living sector. This year Jeff Stonebrook became our new Chief Technology Officer, bringing 30+ years of extensive technical and management experience across various industries. In addition, we promoted Carlos Amoros to the position of Executive Vice President of Global Sales.

Throughout the year, these exceptional leaders have played a crucial role in helping the company Come Together and steering Uniguest calmly and driving significant growth. This highlights the depth of talent within our leadership team. As we come to the end of the year, we wanted to Let It Be known how much we appreciate the resilience and dedication of these leaders in charting a successful course for Uniguest.

Our Greatest Hits!

Let us start the show by talking through some of our biggest releases – not one, but three overhauled platforms that are sure to be a hit! We know some of you have been Crying, Waiting, Hoping for updates to our software and we delivered in style this year.

First, we have Onelan 23.1, which highlights a redesigned UI (User Interface) and UX that is packed with features to enhance the user experience. Our second product is the Tripleplay 23.1 update, which has caused a stir in the industry with its brand-new interactive TV portal editor, refreshed user interface, and revamped content management system.


The update to eStream version 6.77 introduces a new feature with advanced facial recognition tools that allow users to easily find images containing specific individuals and items using the eStream Photo Module. Additionally, the update boasts a modern and user-friendly interface, designed to enhance the overall user experience, and streamline workflow. In this symphony of innovation, MediaStar takes center stage, offering users a dynamic cloud-hosted experience. Now, you can manage your media from virtually anywhere, breaking free from geographical constraints.

And that is not The End, in another part of the universe, we came together with Amazon for a stellar collaboration, enhancing the senior living experience through intuitive voice technology. This collaboration epitomizes our commitment to crafting a seamless, empowering universe for seniors, propelling us towards a brighter digital future across the cosmos. You must admit, our software is Getting Better all the time, right!?


Here, There and Everywhere

We kicked off the year on a voyage into the vast seas of professional audio-visual excellence at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), a global stage for AV systems integration. During this annual four-day extravaganza, Uniguest revealed an ensemble of technological marvels, including the Tripleplay Low Latency 4K encoder, Reserva Room Signage Connection Manager, the new Onelan UI integrated with fresh NTB players, eStream updates, our MediaStar 8K Digital Signage and IPTV Media Player, and our Uniguest DEP, a comprehensive single-platform solution designed for engagement in hospitality.  

Traveling through the constellation of innovation, we appeared at over 60 conferences and tradeshows around the globe. From Germany to Las Vegas, Nevada, we have made it mission-critical to connect with customers and partners who desire to bring digital engagement solutions into their businesses. Notably, the LeadingAge Annual Meeting in Chicago, InfoComm in Orlando HITEC, Toronto, and the 2023 Uniguest User Group at Twickenham Stadium allowed us to showcase our latest and greatest hits.

Thumbnail_The Braves Truist Park

Got to Get You into My Life

From workplaces, hotels, senior living communities, to entertainment venues, our solutions have integrated harmoniously, enriching the lives of those we serve. We have brought our technology into the lives of many, creating impactful moments and connections. 

In Canada, the installation of our solutions at FirstOntario improved the workplace for both customers and staff. The Atlanta Braves have also adopted the latest technology in their state-of-the-art baseball stadium, aiming to make fan engagement and experience the highlight of the game. Another one of our greatest hits was the installation at the Royal Physicians College, featuring innovative technology that improved the educational experiences of both students and staff.

Like a conductor guiding a symphony, we orchestrate transformative experiences in diverse settings. Just as our solutions foster connectivity and enrich lives across various dimensions, our installations at Westminster Canterbury Richmond compose a melodic approach to holistic wellness. The deployment of strategically placed digital signage ensures seamless communication of information, events, and updates, even amidst limited face-to-face interactions.  


Come Together

Uniting forces in the quest for an enriched senior living experience, we acquired Eversound, a technology and content provider company with a mission to enhance engagement within senior living communities. Renowned for its prowess in addressing social isolation, nurturing cognitive wellness, and dismantling barriers within senior living, Eversound has introduced innovative wireless headphone technology to over 1000 communities across the U.S. This acquisition harmonizes with Uniguest’s commitment to evolving technological solutions, forging a unified path dedicated to enhancing the senior living experience.  

Continuing our crescendo of acquisitions, we proudly announced the acquisition of pCare, a New York-based provider specializing in interactive patient engagement systems. With an extensive legacy spanning over 70 years, pCare has honed its expertise in delivering connected technology solutions within healthcare and hospital environments. Along with Bunch enterprise video solutions, these three impactful acquisitions of the year will take our solutions to the next level in the new year. 

Making Records  

This year, we earned the title of the 3rd largest digital signage software provider in 2023, recognized by INVIDIS, a prestigious independent consultant agency based in Germany. Additionally, we proudly secured two nominations in the 2023 AV Awards for the MS800 player and The Atlanta Braves installation, showcasing our commitment to excellence in the industry, and won a special commendation at the 2023 Digital Signage Awards for our work at Resorts World Las Vegas.

Invidis Yearbook 2022


We are thrilled to highlight the launch of the Uniguest Certified program. This is a comprehensive online training service designed to equip individuals with expertise in utilizing our products and platform. Initially, Uniguest Certified was initially launched with content for our software for senior living, with courses for our other solutions to be added soon. Our training will cover various products, including the education video platform, IPTV, digital signage solutions, and more. 

We also launched a brand-new customer portal, providing support materials and much more, enabling our customers a much better self-serve option for managing their account and solutions with us. 

Now And Then

Resonating with the melody of our journey as we close the curtains in 2023, we harmonize around our E.P.I.C. values. In the chorus of our daily endeavors, we harmonize with the spirit of “Now and Then,” honoring our past while stepping confidently toward a future composed of empowerment, people unified by one mission, innovation, and unwavering customer dedication – a symphony embodied in our E.P.I.C. values.  

Our vibrant community stands tall on the foundation of core beliefs, guiding our team’s actions and shaping the service we deliver to clients, partners, suppliers, and colleagues. At the heart of our belief system lies our EPIC team, an embodiment of excellence and promise.  

Together, we have explored the remarkable highlights, celebrated our greatest hits, and charted new territories in the cosmic journey that encapsulated our year. As this exhilarating voyage ends, we encourage you to watch for more cosmic adventures! So, that was our big Hello, Goodbye to 2023! See you next year!

Gillian Tierney

James Keen

VP Marketing