Aging2.0 Kansas City Takeaway

Jan 29, 2020

AGING2.0 – Kansas city January 28th.

Aging2.0 keynote speaker Hollie Kemp, EVP of Sagely, and a panel of the KC-area senior living professionals came together to discuss assessing, interacting, engaging and providing quality programming for Senior Living residents. Event participants walked away with insights and best practices on how to build more meaningful life enrichment programs for all levels of care.

Thanks to our hosts for this month’s event – Brookdale Wornall Place.

Aging2.0 Keynote speaker was Hollie Kemp, Executive Vice President of Sagely.

This discussion provided attendees information on how to:

  • Best practices for design, implementation and management of engagement programs
  • Design a program structure that meets the varying abilities and needs of residents at all levels of care while having fun
  • Strategies for adapting and individualizing programs
  • The role that technology and data can play
  • Connect with dementia residents at all stages
  • Learn about the KIND method and how to incorporate this simple word into daily actions that will change lives
  • The keynote was followed by a panel of panel with KC-area senior living professionals in a discussion on their experience with resident engagement and activity programs: Peach Cunningham, Executive Director, Mission Chateau Senior Living Lisa King, Director of Resident Programs, Brookdale Wornall Place Tom Inderhees, Executive Director, Travanse Living at Olathe

It was a pleasure to gather together with nearly fifty Senior Living professionals from various disciplines in one place with a common purpose to learn and share new ways to take engagement programs from ordinary to extraordinary. The conversation was centered around one word, meaningful. There was a collective desire and passion for bringing more meaningful programs to the Seniors being served in Senior Living communities. The passion for elevating and enhancing the Senior Living Engagement experience was palpable. For me, this was a beautiful representation of the Engagement profession, and the purpose of the Life Enrichment role, to provide meaningful programs that optimize well-being for those they serve. As with many presentations I have given, I walked away with as much as I gave, and most importantly, I walked away inspired to keep pursuing the Sagely mission To Keep Elders happy, healthy, connected, and independent.

Hollie Kemp

EVP, Sagely