Live streaming, lecture and room capture.

All-in-one streaming and archiving platform

eStream is a a simple, centralized IP-based solution for securely live streaming and recording events, lectures, room activity and more. Everything is scheduled and centrally managed via a web-based UI, and cameras work autonomously, streaming and recording scheduled room activity. This greatly streamlines the room capture process, removing any requirement for educators to set up hardware or configure recordings.

eStream Lecture Capture

Training, CPD and sharing best practice

eStream has simple and discreet workflow makes recording video-based training resources and best practice materials easy. Furthermore, they can be distributed securely, and tracking analytics deployed to monitor users’ activity.

Lecture & Classroom Capture

A scalable and cost-effective solution for organizations looking to live stream, record and archive lectures, lessons and more. Autonomous hardware makes deployment simple and eliminates the requirement for educators to set up and start streams, so they can focus on delivering their lessons and lectures.

Live Event Broadcast

By removing the complexity usually associated with delivering live video streams, eStream offers a hassle-free solution that is perfect for delivering regular broadcasts of key events, keynote speeches, company updates and more.

Student Lecture Capture
eStream Media Management on PC

Streaming, Recording and Archiving for Research

Research work, such as focus groups, can be live streamed to remote assessors, recorded for review purposes and archived as evidence. Content can also be set to expire to assist align with an organizations data protection requirement.

Centralized, IP-based capture technology


Cost-effective IP camera and encoder support.


Centralized management and scheduling.


Built-in automatic transcription.

Support Services

Chat functionality for remote viewers.


Secure delivery to any device.


Microsoft Office 365 calendar integration.